I Was Offered Admission in A School I Didn’t Apply For in Jamb

I Was Offered Admission in A School I Didn’t Apply For in Jamb

Did you receive a Text Message from a school you did not apply for that you have been offered admission? If so, then you are not alone. A whole lot of aspirants have gotten text messages from schools they didn’t apply for stating that they have been offered admission.

I Was Offered Admission in A School I Didn’t Apply For in Jamb

A question comes to mind, is this a scam? It can be real admission. You can genuinely gain admission into a University, Polytechnic or College of Education you never applied for.

On the other hand, the SMS you receive that you have been offered admission could be a scam. Some set of scammers can send you such message and demand money from you to secure the admission.

In this article, I will teach you how to know whether the admission text message you receive is real or Scam.

Before you take any action, make sure that you like the school. If you received admission notification from a University, Poly or College of Education that you don’t like, no need to take further action. Just ignore the message and you will be just fine. But if you wish to study in the school, follow the procedure below to confirm if the admission is real or fake.

Now, if the SMS contains a phone number, call the number to find out some things about the admission offer. If the person who picked is demanding money or is not straight forward, then Ignore. In this case, it is a scam.

On the other hand, if there is no phone number but a message stating that you should visit the school website to apply, then there is element of truth.

You will have to check the official website for the school on Google and compare to the link they sent to you. If it matches, then you can go ahead with the admission process. In fact, you can go to the school to confirm the offer.

A Sample Message is:

You have been offered Provisional Admission into College of Education, Igueben, Edo State. Visit www.coeigueben.edu.ng. Click on APPLY NOW.

Admission offer from a school you didn’t apply for usually require that you do a change of course and/or change of Institution. You may find out how to do a change of course and Institution here.

Another question you may want to ask is, how did they get my phone number? One of the ways these schools get your details is from Jamb. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (Jamb) Recommends people for admission yearly.

If your score is not high and Jamb notices that the school you applied for won’t offer you admission with your Jamb or Post Utme score, Jamb will make your details available to other schools and recommend you for admission.

A perfect way to check if you have been recommended for admission in any school is the Jamb caps market place.

When you visit caps marketplace, you will see something like, “The following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept/reject button, to either accept or reject the offer. You may click hereto know more about Jamb Caps marketplace and how to know if you have been recommended for admission.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to ask me using the comment box.


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