How to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

How to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

How to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

How to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

Cultism can be defined as an illegal gathering mainly for the purpose of fame, inferiority complex, revenge and power.

Below are the ways on how to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

1. Avoid their company : many attimes when you are seen among their friends, they have the intentions that you want to join. Move with the right people.

2. Avoid night movement in school : since cult is not legal, many of this cultist hold their meeting at night. If you are seen at that late hour, you might be forced to join them or they might kill you.

3. Avoid too much Fame: Being famous in a school is good but risky. It makes you the head of girls.. And if it happens that a cultist girlfriend likes you, then you are in trouble with the cult group..

4. Mindful of Your statement in public : A cultist is no different from a normal person, So be careful of statements you make in public, you might be insulting a cultist without having the knowledge that he is beside you.

5. Don’t make them your Enemy: don’t get me wrong, Many of this cultist will be your class mate, Faculty mate or even room mate. It is your duty to greet them or teach them if there is something they want to know. Don’t make them an enemy because if you become an enemy. They will definitely come after you.

6. Be mindful of what you wear : it is no secret that cult group have some dress code that a normal person is not permitted to wear, Therefore avoid this dress code even if it’s you best dressing.

7. Join a legal organisation: Mean while due the the phrase that people want to feel that they ‘belong’ or they want to have authority over their mate, they join cult. But this is illegal, there are other legal group in school like Man. O. War.

How to avoid cultism in Nigerian Universities

8. Mind your business : pock nosing in what does not concern is absolutely bad. For Example, during elections, you are expected to vote, meanwhile, some people will take it upon themselves to be telling other people who to vote for. If the opponent you are voting against is a cultist, he might send assassins after you or revenge in one way or the other.

9. Always show a Christian Or Muslim Character: Cultist most times will never disturb a religious person especially ladies. So always attend church or mosque

10. Be a NormalMan: Don’t form what you don’t know. Learn to be humble. Cultist feels that they are the only one permitted to be proud. So if you don’t want cultist to look for you, Be Normal.



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